Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership of “FORE” Business entitles the member to attend the scheduled monthly networking events for their designated group.
  2. “FORE” Business members will be entitled to receive a number of additional benefits as outlined in “FORE” Business Member Benefits document.
Complimentary 4x Balls
  1. In addition to the scheduled monthly networking events each registered “FORE” Business member is eligible to redeem one complimentary round of golf per calendar month for up to 4 people. This complimentary round of golf can only be used at the times and days specified by the golf club (see the group page on the website for the restrictions that apply) and is always subject to availability. The registered “FORE” Business member must play within their 4-ball at their designated group. Block Bookings of these 4xBalls is prohibited.
  2. The “FORE” Business member must give 5 days advance notice to “FORE” Business of the date and time they wish to use their complimentary 4-ball. All bookings should be made via the “FORE” Business website.
  3. If a 4-ball is not redeemed during the month it cannot be carried over, or sold on by the “FORE” Business member.
  4. The “FORE” Business member must observe club rules, etiquette, and dress code.
  5. “FORE” Business will not be liable if the Club changes ownership, closes down, cancels or fails to grant any or all of the 4-ball complimentary rounds for any reason beyond our reasonable control
Membership of “FORE” Business
    1. Membership of “FORE” Business does not bestow any membership rights to the host Golf Club. “FORE” Business reserves the right to change the host venue at anytime and without notice in circumstances beyond our control.
    2. A list of “FORE” Business member names will be held at the Golf Club.
    3. In the event of cancellation or suspension of golf due to bad weather or course conditions at a scheduled meeting or a 4-ball booking, “FORE” Business will not refund or credit the membership charge for that event. It is expected that the meeting will still go ahead for networking purposes. “FORE” Business will take instruction and guidance from the Golf Club before cancelling golf. Every effort will be made to play golf and if we receive a minimum of 7 days notice that golf is not possible due to anticipated course conditions then every effort will be made to re-schedule the meeting. “FORE” Business is not able to guarantee that golf will be played.
    4. Members who wish to leave “FORE” Business will be required to give three months written notice. Please note penalty charges will be applied if the 3 month notice period is not paid.
    5. If you wish to suspend your “FORE” Business Membership this can be arranged for you. However, in order to suspend your membership we require your expected return date to be sent to us in writing accounts@fore-business.com(Note, this date can be changed if your circumstances dictate this at a later date).
      To complete the suspension process, we will also need to collect the next 3 membership payments to hold as a deposit. This will be placed as a credit on your account and will be used against your future membership fees upon return.
    6. It is the member’s responsibility to file a concern with “FORE” Business if a visitor or guest is deemed not to be suitable. This should be done before the visitor is approved for membership. If there are no complaints, “FORE” Business will ‘assume their consent’.
    7. Visitors may attend a scheduled meeting no more than once over any given 12 month period. Visitor Green Fees will apply unless a free guest pass voucher has been approved.
    8. In the event of problems relating to a member’s business practices “FORE” Business has the right to revoke membership.
    9. Require adherence to code of behavior and violations thereof are subject to suspension or expulsion from “FORE” Business. Certain conduct results in immediate suspension and, after investigation, may result in permanent expulsion from “FORE” Business and forfeit of dues.
      • Lewd acts
      • Abusive behavior
      • Public intoxication
      • Arrest
    10. In the event of failure to comply with the policies and/or the Code of Ethics of “FORE” Business and the Golf Club, “FORE” Business has the right to terminate the membership from the group.
    11. Other than normal “FORE” Business printed materials, members may not use the “FORE” Business Intellectual Property (eg. logos, trademarks, names, slogans, copyrighted materials, etc.) to manufacture; distribute, sell, market, or promote any product or service, or otherwise use the “FORE” Business Intellectual Property without obtaining the prior written consent of “FORE” Business.
    12. Bucket List Series 2022 invoices must be paid within 5 days of your final reminder invoice email. Should a final invoice be unpaid, “FORE” Business reserve the right to retain your deposit and offer your space (s) to another party.
    13. Any damage to club property (including golf carts) are the sole responsibility of the “FORE” Business member.
    14. “FORE” Business reserves the right to open more than one Group per community.
    15. It is the responsibility of the “FORE” Business member or guest on the day that is playing at a “FORE” Business monthly group event, a “FORE” Business major event or taking part in a “FORE” Business 4 ball, to ensure they have the necessary GOLF insurance cover in place.
    16. All members should acknowledge that playing golf involves potential danger of bodily harm and all members acknowledge “assumption of risk” and waive any and all claims against “FORE” Business for injury sustained on the golf course.
    17. “FORE” Business will not be held responsible for the purchases of goods, services or products you may make from fellow “FORE” Business members or via referrals made by “FORE” Business members. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure such purchases are made with the appropriate level of due diligence, care and lawful attention.
    18. Members to acknowledge that cost of additional food and drink is at their personal expense.
    19. “FORE” Business policies are subject to change.
    Golden Ticket

    A member can request 10x Golden Tickets from the members area of the website www.fore-business.com/goldenticket On receipt of your request, your Golden Tickets will be shipped to your chosen postal address. “FORE” Business give you full approval to promote the £69 FREE month and encourage your contacts to join the “FORE” Business community.

    The Golden Ticket allows the prospective member to become a Standard Member for one month. This will allow them to attend their “FORE” Business group event which includes the 18 holes of golf, networking with the members plus a 4xball where “FORE” Business cover all the green fees. As a member they will also be given full access to our closed social media pages and member exclusive App.

    The “FORE” Business Money Back Guarantee applies to all new members including those in receipt of a Golden Ticket. The new member will have until the end of their trial month or 5 days from their group’s trial month golf event, whichever comes later, to cancel their membership and request a return of fees (if any paid).

    A Golden Ticket can only be used once by a prospective member within a 12 month time period.

    A lapsed member can only redeem a Golden Ticket after 12 months of their leaving date.

    A Golden Ticket can only be requested by a paying “FORE” Business active member.

    “FORE” Business reserve the right to remove the Golden Ticket promotion without notice.

    Golden Ticket £50 Credit Scheme

    1. The “FORE” Business Golden Ticket £50 Credit Scheme replaces The previous £50 IOU voucher scheme
    2. Golden Ticket £50 Credits will be awarded to members, only at the discretion of “FORE” Business and only after the referred new member has completed 3 months as a paying “FORE” Business Member.
    3. A £50 credit will not be applied should the new member leave within 3 months.
    4. “FORE” Business will automatically credit your account with £50 and will applied against your membership fees on the 4th month.
    5. Golden Ticket £50 Credits will only be applied if you have used the Member Refers New Member form found here

    Returning Members
    Lapsed members are very welcome to return to the “FORE” Business community. We would kindly ask you to send an email to accounts@fore-business.com There is a returning fee of £99 plus VAT for all retuning members.

    Flexi Membership
    1. A Flexi Member is entitled to all the benefits of a standard member. In addition, Flexi Membership allows the member to attend one additional scheduled meeting per calendar month. This additional meeting can be at anyone of the “FORE” Business networking groups.
    2. The additional monthly meeting must be booked using the Flexi Booking Form, on the relevant webpage. All bookings are subject to availability and tee time capacity of the golf venue. Each Group has a certain number of spaces allocated to it and spaces will be given to members of that group first and foremost. Flexi bookings will be awarded on a first come first served basis where availability is restricted.
    Ultimate Membership
    1. An Ultimate Member is entitled to all the benefits of a standard member. In addition, Ultimate Membership allows the member to attend an unlimited number of additional scheduled meetings per calendar month. Additional meetings can be at anyone of the “FORE” Business networking Groups.
    2. Additional monthly meetings must be booked using the Flexi Booking Form, on the relevant Group page. All bookings are subject to availability and tee time capacity of the golf venue. Each Group has a certain number of spaces allocated to it and spaces will be given to members of that Group first and foremost. Ultimate bookings will be awarded on a first come first served basis where availability is restricted.
    3. If you have joined or upgraded to the “FORE” Business Ultimate Membership package you are required to give 3 months’ notice to “FORE” Business should you wish to downgrade or cease your membership.
    Payment terms & conditions
    1. Membership of the Group is conditional and will only be approved upon satisfactory completion of the “FORE” Business Member Application Form and submission of the “FORE” Business Direct Debit Mandate.
    2. Upon approval each member will be awarded with 12 months membership of their chosen “FORE” Business Network Group commencing on the 1st day of the following month the application was approved (this will also be referred to as the “Member renewal date”).
    3. “FORE” Business will invoice each member on the 1st day of each calendar month. Membership fees must be paid on the 1st working day of each calendar month by Direct Debit or annually in advance by cheque or bank transfer.
    4. Members who have not paid their monthly fee within 7 days of the 1st working day of the calendar month they become due are considered to be late and will be liable to a £20 late charge. If fees are not paid within a further 30 days membership will be terminated. The golf venue will be notified of the cancellation and three months’ notice charges will then apply.
    5. Fees are non-refundable.
    6. Fees cannot be transferred from one person to another unless the fees were paid by the same company.
    7. “FORE” Business has a strict policy on returned cheques. A member has five working days in which to contact “FORE” Business to resolve the matter. All returned cheques will be liable to a minimum £25.00 returned cheque charge.
    8. The “FORE” Business (“the Business”) Code of Conduct…
      1. sets out the behavioural standards required by “the Business” as a condition of membership;
      2. applies to all members, irrespective of their membership grade;
      3. governs the conduct of the individual, not the nature of the business of the member.
    9. Members are expected to exercise their own judgement (which should be made in such a way as to be reasonably justified) to meet the requirements of the code and seek advice if in doubt.
    10. A “FORE” Business ‘Membership Committee’, comprising of a cross-representation of Group Ambassadors, appointed by the owners of “the Business”, together with the Operations Manager of “the Business”, shall adjudicate on areas of doubt or dispute. Decisions and recommendations will be made, wherever possible, against the code of behaviours identified below.
    Code of Behaviour:
    1. Members must always act in the interest of the wider community.
    2. Members must uphold the integrity of the brand, including but not limited to their behaviour at Group and National events and in their use of both Public and Closed “FORE” Business social media channels and forums.
    3. Members must uphold the reputation of the community and not take any action which could bring the community or “the Business” into disrepute.
    4. Members should respect and value alternative viewpoints and, seek, accept and offer honest criticisms of work contracted for through introductions from other “FORE” Business members but at all times must avoid injuring others or their reputation or employment by false or malicious or negligent action or inaction or abuse of any kind.
    5. Members should refrain in all Public and Closed “FORE” Business forums from criticism of another member or their business. Criticism, where deemed necessary, should be made privately and solely to the individual involved.
    Dispute Resolution:
    1. Disputes between members within a single Group should initially be dealt with by the Group Ambassador Team. Escalation of the dispute, if required, should be made through the Group Ambassador to the Operations Manager who will refer the matter to the Membership Committee for their deliberation.
    2. Disputes between any member (including Ambassador Team members) and “the Business”, should be dealt with privately between the parties wherever possible. In the absence of a resolution, issues should be referred to the Membership Committee for arbitration and recommendation.
    3. Final decisions remain the prerogative of the Co-Founders and Owners of “the Business”.
    Conditions of Membership:

    To be in good standing, members must:

    1. Be fully paid up of fees and charges due, relevant to their choice of membership.
    2. Adhere to the Code of Conduct of “the Business” in all regards.
    3. Adhere to the following ‘Rules of Etiquette’ of “the Business”
    4. Notify the Office via the online YES/No process and the Group Ambassador if they cannot attend a meeting.
    5. Arrive promptly for the start of meetings.
    6. Welcome and engage with VIP’s and other members at meetings.
    7. Respect the rules of the host Club, its members and staff at all times
    8. Respect the Rules of Golf… including repairing divots, pitch marks and allowing faster groups to play through… and any Local


    1. Observe the Rules of Competition … in Stableford, if you cannot score on any hole, pick up.
    2. Observe the Dress code of the Golf Club… including appropriate golf attire on the course and no golf shoes or golf hats worn in the clubhouse.
    3. Observe any rules of the Golf Club governing the use of mobile phones… and do not use a mobile phone on the golf course such that it interferes with the playing of another member.
    4. Attend the post event Prize giving wherever possible

    Please note that Membership of “the Business” is by invitation only. The Co-Owners of “the Business” may choose to decline membership at their discretion. Please note that a breach of the Code of Conduct of “the Business” may result in suspension or termination of membership.

    Signature on an ‘Application for Membership’ form signifies each member’s acceptance of the Conditions of Membership.