“FORE” Business Handicap Rules

FORE Business Members:
  1. On initial registration with VPAR, you should enter your current lowest handicap if you have one (you may have a CLUB handicap for example, or a handicap calculated on another App such as England Golf).
  2. You must set your Preferred handicap on the VPAR App drop-down on your Profile page to ‘VPAR’. This will ensure that you receive the correct stroke allocation on the TMS.
  3. It is possible on an ongoing basis that some members may have a genuine Club handicap or handicap on another App that is or becomes LOWER than their VPAR handicap… for example, if all scores have NOT been entered into VPAR or where VPAR is newly installed. In this scenario, Members should inform their Ambassadors and the Ambassador teams should adjust the Playing handicap of those members on the TMS (Tournament Management System).
  4. Similarly, a member who may not have played golf for some time should inform their Group Ambassador of their previous handicap, prior to their break from the game, and before their first game with FORE Business.
  5. In order to be eligible to win a Red Shirt at Group events, or enter National events, members must use their VPAR handicap index or TMS adjusted handicap, where that is lower. H A N D I C A P P I N G R U L E S WWW.FORE-BUSINESS.COM
  6. If you do not have a urrent handicap, you should start with a previous handicap if you have held one before. If you have never had a handicap, your Ambassador team will determine your starting playing handicap. A VPAR handicap will be created automatically after 3 rounds are entered. This will become more reflective of your playing abilities the more scores are entered. Once you have entered 20 scores, your BEST 8 differential scores will then be used over a rolling 20 scores in keeping with WHS Rules.
  7. The MAXIMUM allowable handicap Index allowed for FORE Business events is 32 for both men and women. Ambassador teams will make the necessary adjustments to playing handicaps on the TMS if and where this is applicable.
  8. All rounds played both in FORE Business, and in non- FORE Business events, SHOULD be entered on the VPAR system, in order to ensure accurate and up-to- date handicaps.
  9. Scores can be entered retroactively for FORE and non-FORE Business rounds of golf. Wherever possible, however, scores at FORE Business events should be entered ‘live’ on each hole. This further ensures accuracy of scoring and allows for Leader-boards to be displayed at events where they are in use.
  10. All National events will be ‘putt out’ events. That is, ‘no gimmies’. It is recommended that all Group events should be run similarly, in order to reflect true playing handicaps and consistency across Groups.
  11. Ambassador Teams are to apply a playing handicap adjustment, where…
    • they unanimously agree a starting handicap has been inaccurately assessed
    • in the case of a member winning TWICE at ANY FORE Business event within any 3-month period, where both winning scores were 40pts or more.
    • Such adjustments, where applied, should be in keeping with the following guidelines:
      1. 4 shots off their handicap index where their VPAR index is 30 or over
      2. 3 shots off their handicap index where their VPAR index is between 20 to 29.9
      3. 2 shots off their VPAR handicap index is between 10 to 19.9
      4. 1 shot off their VPAR handicap index is 9.9 or below

The cooperation of all members is requested in accurately recording ALL rounds of golf they play, in order to create a fair handicapping system for the community, in keeping with the integrity of the game we all love.