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We’ve prepared this web page to give you an insight into who we are, what we do and why we have chosen the franchise model as our preferred expansion route.

We would like to speak with business owners who would like the opportunity of running their own “FORE” Business groups within their country.


The idea for FORE Business came about in March 2013 when the founders, Sean Fergusson & Arron Busst, met at a local networking event in Hampshire UK and got talking about golf as a common interest. They soon got round to talking about the business successes they had on the golf course.

It became clear business and golf has always unofficially gone hand in hand. The green being the perfect ‘playing field’ for important business meetings, discussions and negotiations to take place; so “FORE” Business was born with the thought, ‘what better way to encourage successful business relationships, than to create an actual members club for business owners who enjoy golf and love to network?’ Sean and Arron very quickly realised that this was the perfect way to build your pipeline with local business owners.

Now with over 100 groups across the UK and 1600 members we have seen in excess of £25million pounds worth of referred business being shared on and off the fairways. More importantly, the golf clubs that host a monthly “FORE” Business group have seen over £1.8million pounds of business being spent at their premises. This has been achieved through, food, beverages, green fees, hardware, soft goods, charity days, corporate golf days and coaching income.

Prior to “FORE” Business

of our members played golf twice a year and now play 8 times a year.

A typical profile of a “FORE” Business Member
A selection of our courses
More than one hundred premium courses accessable to members in the UK.
Your role as a Master Franchise

Running our business has required Investment, hard work, dedication, sales, marketing, negotiation, excellent communication skills and a huge amount of energy.

The “FORE” Business customer experience is of the highest standard at all times. That’s why we are looking for franchisees with a background in sales/marketing, customer service and a LOVE for golf. If you decide to join us, it will be critical that you understand our vision and wish to be part of an international business community who LOVE to grow their business on and off the golf course. That’s the only way to achieve the success we both seek. Franchisees will be involved in managing every aspect of their business, but the most important skill is dealing with our members.

You will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, managing members, golf clubs, promotional activity, and of course solving any problems that you encounter within your country. There is also an accounts and administration role which you will need to deal with effectively to ensure that the business is accurately monitored in the key areas that we will identify for you. We’ll provide you with all the training and tools to be successful, but be ready for hard work and long hours to begin with.

We are committed to helping our master franchisees building a successful franchise network, and so we are seeking dedicated partners to work with and make that happen. If that sounds interesting and is the kind of lifestyle opportunity you are looking for, then maybe the “FORE” Business Master Franchise is for you. The results of your effort and commitment should be satisfied members and good profits for you and your family.

Successful franchises need a good foundation, including comprehensive training and ongoing support, which we will provide. The working practices that our franchisees will apply are tried & tested and we continuously update new processes and procedures to benefit our business and the overall experience for our members. We have spent a lot of time and money developing the internal systems, procedures and documentation required to proceed with the expansion of our business on a franchise basis and every franchisee will benefit from this development work.

We understand that the franchise proposition must work for both parties, and we believe that this opportunity provides that all-important element of mutual benefit – a form of partnership between the franchisor and franchisee.

The Master Franchise Financial Model

As a Master Franchise owner you will be responsible for the growth and development of “FORE” Business within your country. The Franchise model will allow you freedom to identify franchise regions within your country and decide if you wish to run and operate them yourself or with the support of Regional Franchisees.

At the outset we will identify the likely “FORE” Business franchise regions within your country. It’s then down to you how you manage these regions.

For example, in Australia, we believe there are 4 distinct regions (with 10+ groups in each). As the Master Franchise owner, we would expect you to run one region for the first 12 months. Thereafter, from year 2 onwards, we would then expect you to establish three Franchisees who would look after the remaining three regions.

Your income will then be derived from the following sources:

  • Membership fees from within your own (pilot) region.
  • Fees from the sale of the Franchise regions within your country.
  • Regional Franchise fee income.
A world full of opportunity
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