Marketing Materials – “FORE” Business Group Marketing Collateral

This page has been produced to allow our community to share how AMAZING our community is with their own connections.

You can simply download the various marketing photos and graphics, plus order various marketing materials you wish to use.

The sooner you upload the “FORE” Business icon to your email footer the sooner you will have the PERFECT conversation starter!!

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“FORE” Business Email Footer

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Facebook and LinkedIn Profile

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Share – Facebook Cover Image

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Share – Members App Graphic

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|Professions List Graphic

Share – Professions List Graphic

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|Group Image

Share – Group Image

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Share Advert Graphic

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Share Professions Wanted

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|One to One

One to One Meeting Template

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FREE Guest Pass

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|Challenge 2016

New Joiner Form

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Claim Your FREE Black Shirt

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Example Facebook or LinkedIn posts to accompany your image:

Post 1: Who can handle more business and would like to join me for a FREE round of golf? Business owners need only apply

Post 2: Calling all business owners that LOVE their golf and can handle more business, I have some FREE guest passes to play on 80 golf courses across the UK, simply DM me now….!

Post 3: Would you like to spend 4 hours with your perfect prospect? DM me now as I have a FREE guest pass waiting for you….!

Post 4: If you know a business owner that can handle more business and LOVE’s their golf please tag them now…..! I have a handful of FREE guest passes to attend a “FORE” Business event on me

Post 5: I would like to invite you to join me for a FREE round of golf and meet my network of over 1300 business owners that LOVE to share referrals.

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