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The Golden Ticket new member referral process

This page will help you understand the Golden Ticket New Member referral process. If you still have any questions or need any additional support please email a member of our team on

Overview of the referral process
KEY REASONS for the Change
  • Reduce green fee wastage
  • Post COVID-19 average tee slots are at a premium
  • Reduce Ambassador time engaging with “Tyre Kickers”
  • Reduce admin/telesales time/cost nurturing VIPs
  • Cost savings allow more budget to be allocated to Facebook campaigns
  • to generate more members and more business
  • Prospective members can still attend for FREE!
  • Prospective members will receive a FREE TRIAL and receive greater
  • benefits (4-ball, App access, virtual meetings) during their FREE month.
  • Prospective members will need to show more commitment up front
  • by completing membership joining instructions.
  • An automatic credit of £50 will be applied to the referring member’s account. We will no longer issue IOU vouchers.
Prospective members

Prospective Members will have two routes to join “FORE” Business. Direct via our website or via a member “Golden Ticket”.


Pay your Standard membership fee to cover their Standard membership benefits during their first month


Pay £169 + VAT to cover their joining fee PLUS a Membership subscription fee (to cover Standard, Flexi or Ultimate Membership)


Membership fees paid will be fully protected by The “FORE” Business Money Back Guarantee


A member “Golden Ticket” will allow a prospective member to receive a FREE TRIAL Standard Membership for the first month. Prospective members will pay NO UPFRONT FEES.


Prospective members unless cancelled will pay £169 + VAT to cover the joining fee PLUS a member subscription fee (to cover Standard, Flexi or Ultimate membership)

How does the member golden ticket process work?
  • Members should visit to order a pack of ten golden tickets.
  • The Golden Tickets are used as a marketing tool and conversation starter for the members business.
  • The tickets will be shipped within 4 days of placing the order
  • If the member meets a new contact they will write the details of their prospective member onto the back of the ticket.
  • When the member has access to the internet they will go to and enter the details of their prospective members details; first name, surname, email, company name and group name
  • Of course the member can simply go to the and enter the details of their prospective member without using the Golden Ticket.
  • This form will also ask for the member’s full email address in order to automatically register them on our system.
  • On submission of the new on-line prospective member form, an email will be sent to the member thanking them for nominating their contact to take advantage of our FREE month offer.
Communication and joining process

Upon submission of the Member Refers New Member Form, an email is sent to the prospective member with a link asking them to submit their details via an application form and receive their first month FREE TRIAL. Should they not complete the form within 24 hours a sequence of reminder emails will be sent to them over a 10 day period.

Reminder emails to click the link to trial membership will be sent, 24 hours, 4 days, and 7 days after the form has been submitted.

Should the prospective new member not complete the form after 7 days of form submission an email is sent to the member asking them to contact their prospective new member. This email will include the full details of their prospective member to make it easy for them to email or call their contact.

Once the application form has been fully completed they will receive their first month FREE TRIAL, which includes their group networking event, 18 holes, 4xball, access to our social media channels and our exclusive member App

The new member will be able to back date membership to the start of the month or select any future membership start date (always on the first day of any given month).

The new member will only be able to select “Standard Membership” for their first month FREE TRIAL.

No FEES are required upfront. Bank details must be provided to set up the Direct Debit which can be cancelled or refunded under the “FORE” Business Money Back Guarantee.

An email welcoming them to the community will be sent to them within 24 hours of submitting the application form. An email will be sent to the Ambassador Team as soon as the application form has been submitted.

An email will be sent to the referring member thanking them for referring a new member to the community and confirm they will be issued with a £50 credit against their account on the first week of the 4th month of the new members joining date. The Credit will be used to reduce the DD payment due on Month 5.

If the new member you have referred is in notice at the time the Credit is due on your account then we will only apply the Credit upon receipt of all membership fees due over the notice period


The new member will be shown on the attendee lists (and future Ambassador Control Panel) as a member. VIPS will no longer be shown on the Attendee Lists.


The new member will be charged as a default for Standard Membership on the first day of the second month along with their one off joining fee of £169 plus VAT – should they not cancel.

Should the member wish to upgrade to Flexi or Ultimate membership they can request to do so from the second month.

The new member will receive their new member pack approximately 5 days of “FORE” Business receiving their one off joining fee (at the start on the second month).


The new member will have until the end of their trial month or 5 days from their group’s trial month golf event, whichever comes later, to cancel their membership and request a return of fees (if any paid).

Once the new member has passed the money back guarantee period outlined above, they would need to give “FORE” Business the standard 3 months’ notice as per our T&C’s

Should a member leave “FORE” Business the Ambassador team will be notified via email.


A member of the Ambassador team will reach out and welcome each new member to establish:

  • Their business/connections
  • Types of businesses they are looking to meet
  • Share the key “FORE” Business Facebook groups
  • Share the “FORE” Business Virtual Meeting Program
Frequently asked questions
Can we still invite VIPs on a FREE guest pass?

No, we are no longer issuing FREE guest passes.

When can we start using the “Golden Tickets”?

With immediate effect. The Member Refers New Member Form is now live on the website. Members can request to be sent a batch of 10 Golden Tickets to be used at other networking events/meetings etc

Can I promote this offer through social media and possibly email campaigns?

Yes absolutely, our marketing assets for the Golden Ticket campaign can be found here

Can new members attend the Virtual Meetings prior to their membership starting?

Yes, upon submission of the “Golden Ticket” joiner form, a new member can take immediate advantage of the virtual meetings and will be able to attend the pre golf Zoom meetings Ambassadors are currently running.

When will New Members receive their ‘Welcome Pack’?

Membership Packs will be sent within 5 days upon collection of the £169 joining fee at the start of the second month.

Can a New Member play golf in the month they sign up?

A New Member can only play golf in the month they sign up if they choose to back date their membership to the start of the month.

Can a New Member Flexi/Ultimate in their first free month if they pay?

Sorry no, we are only allowing a New Member to upgrade to Flexi/Ultimate from the start of the second month.

Will the “Golden Ticket” joiner form be visible on the website?

This form will not be visible and will only be sent to those Prospects that have been referred by a Member. This form will be exclusive to Members only (as a Member benefit).

Can a member save up Credits to be used against National events etc?

No this will not be possible as Credits will be automatically applied as above.