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November 2023
Welcome To Our 1st Newsletter.

Your Regional Ambassador Team

With effect from 1st September 2023, “FORE” Business added a new structure to support the growth and business opportunities within the community.

Under the guidance of David Harries the UK has been organised into 8 discrete regions, each managed by 2 x Regional Ambassadors.

Each region will have 7-12 groups, with each group managed by 2 x Ambassadors.

This is an exciting step forward for our UK groups with the aim of delivering:

  • Consistency
  • Support
  • Best Practice
  • Our Code of Conduct

With over £100 million + of new business generated in our first 10 years, we are confident this new structure will deliver much more over the next 10 years!

Northern UK
Dean Fox
Dean Fox
Steven J Innes
Steven J Innes
North Central
Ben Cooper
Ben Cooper
Sam Ferrington
Sam Ferrington
North West
Dan Sumner
Dan Sumner
Paul Cliffe
Paul Cliffe
John Rawlings
John Rawlings
Mike Pagan
Mike Pagan
South Central
Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor
South West
Tim Elgar
Tim Elgar
Jeff Tucker
Jeff Tucker
Mark Hughes
Mark Hughes
Rob Jelley
Rob Jelley
South East
Nicholas Bills
Nicholas Bills
Alex Cameron
Alex Cameron
Celebrating 5 & 10 Year Anniversaries

Since 1st September 2023 our Regional Ambassador Team have been busy out in the field, up and down the country personally hand delivering 5 Year Gift Vouchers to all of our 5 year + members – to say thank you!

Each member has been presented with a £50 Peter Millar voucher, here are some of the happy smiling faces that can be seen below!

A special mention to Jim Walker who became our first ever 10 Year Member! Jim received a Peter Millar 10 Year Shirt plus a personalised bag tag.

Northern Region Photo of David Harries (UK & International Growth Director), Stephen Murray, Mark Suggars, Mike Bell, Andrew Nixon, and Adam McGreevy.
North Central Region Left - photo of Jason Gledhill with Sam Ferrington (Regional Ambassador). Right - photo of Ben Cooper (Regional Ambassador), Peter Johnys, Chris Wilson, Matt Mould and Sam Ferrington (Regional Ambassador)
North West Region Photo of Paul Cliffe (Regional Ambassador), Ian Lakin, Nick Carlton, David Harries (UK & International Growth Director), Robert Lay, Jeff Mills and Dan Sumner (Regional Ambassador)
Midlands Region Left - Photo of Chris Tucker with Mike Pagan (Regional Ambassador). Right – photo of Mike Pagan (Regional Ambassador) with John Moody and Stephen Marchant
South Central Region Andy Taylor presenting Matt Niedzwiecke, Richard Ohagan, Greg Allen, Charlie Radclyffe, Stuart Brown, Ed Boakes and Richard Tanswell (Aylesbury) & Greg Butterworth (Cambridge)
South West Region Tim Elgar (Regional Ambassador) with Jeff Tucker (Regional Ambassador)
South Region Left – photo of Dermot Hanley, Andrew Merryman, Neil Henke and Guy Griffiths. Right – photo of Arron Busst, Jim Walker (first 10 year member) and Sean Fergusson
South East Region Left – photo of Oliver Gemmill, Jon Creese, Gary Wiggans and Adrian Peck. Right – photo of Mike Orchard with Nicholas Bills (Regional Ambassador)
What do Members think?

Over the years we have heard many life changing stories from members who have benefited in some way from our community.

Here are just some of the recent amazing success stories – thank you to everyone who has contributed and we want to receive your next!!

Nick Carlton writes over £11 MILLION Pounds of business
Oliver Gemmill shares with Regional Ambassador Alex Cameron how he has covered his lifetime membership
And a special message for all lady golfers out there….!
Peter Hudson and Tim Medlycott hit nearly 10yrs with the community
Gary Emanuel talks to Mark Hughes about the benefits he has used for over 5 years
Rob Barras shares with Rob Jelley Flexi has to be the way forward
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What do our Host Clubs think?

We are now proud to work with over 100 venues all around the world!  Host clubs become the hub of the business community by hosting a monthly “FORE” Business event.  Come and meet some of our host managers!

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First Time Red Shirt Winners

It’s always a proud moment when you win the Red Shirt!  After all, a Red Shirt allows you to take part in our annual Red Jacket competition!

Meet some of our recent proud first time winners!

Karl Isehak, Bournemouth
Karl Isehak, Bournemouth
Jeff Gower, Cobham
Jeff Gower, Cobham
Dave Carter, Warrington
Dave Carter, Warrington
Shalin Sharma, Caterham
Shalin Sharma, Caterham
Carlyn Wiltshire, Huddersfield
Carlyn Wiltshire, Huddersfield
Inter-Regional Competitions are live!
Our 2023-24 Inter-Regional Competitions are ‘up and running’ across all 8 Regions
Winter Growth

From 1st October 23 to 31st March 24 points will be awarded for ALL Groups showing net growth over winter.

With an excellent array of fun winter golf events, plus our usual brilliant networking sessions at every monthly meeting, it’s a great time to bring new members into our groups… all benefiting from an array of ‘tools’ to build business opportunities… and making sure we keep our games sharp!

  • 1 point for maintaining Status Quo
  • 4 points for Growth over the period
Summer ‘Head-to-Heads’

From March onwards, we’ll be engaging in ‘friendly’ group vs. group matches; use your flexi’s to meet the wider community and win points for your home group – culminating in Inter-regional Semi-Finals, and our Grand Final for the Top 4 Groups, to be held in late September!

Head-to-head inter-group matches March 1st to July 31st 2024
Regional Finals By August 31st 2024
National Semi-Finals By September 21st 2024
National FINAL September 25th 2024

Ask your Regional Ambassadors for more information. Sponsorship opportunities for Regional and National Finals are available.

Members Mega Prize Draw!
Refer a New Member
refer here

To support our Winter Growth strategy, we have launched our first-ever Mega Prize draw, open to ALL Members!

TEN fantastic Prizes are up for grabs! EVERY completed GT Application received by HQ, wins a TICKET into the Prize draw for the referring member… no need to wait for GT’s to attend even their first free month!

The more Golden Ticket referrals, the more tickets, the more opportunities to win Prizes. There is NO LIMIT to the number of prizes a member can win! Our ‘Live’ Prize Draw will be held in April 2024 (updates monthly).

Prizes include: Peter Miller Shirt; Peter Miller Top; Peter Miller Gillet; G/Fore Golf Shoes; FREE entry into the National Open or National Pairs or National Red Jacket; TWO Free Flexi visits; Luxury Golf Travel Bag; Golf Bag (with stand); Pro V1s (1 dozen).

Oh yes – on top of which, you still get your £50 credit for every New Member! (post their 3rd payment)

Ask your Ambassadors and Regional Ambassadors for more details…

National Events Highlights
2023 has seen another action-packed National Event schedule…
APRIL 2023
National Pairs

Hosted at The Welcombe, the event saw 80 “FORE” Business members from far and wide compete in the annual National Pairs event. The competition is traditionally based on the “Combined Stableford” score of both players – a tough format but ensures the winners BOTH “turn up” on the day!

1st Place: Craig Hustwit & Greg Robertson with 72 points (37 on back 9)

2nd Place: Aaron Unsworth & Dan Sumner with 72 points (36 on back 9)

3rd Place: Henri Saha & Tim Lloyd Skinner with 67 points

Congrats also to Paul Marsh for winning the Nearest the Pin and Tom Mills for winning Nearest the Pin in 2!

JUNE 2023
10 Year Anniversary Invitational

Hosted at the wonderful Carnoustie Golf Links on a blue-sky, calm summer’s day. We could not have wished for more perfect weather. The golf course was in immaculate condition and was the ideal venue to celebrate 10 years in business serving the community.

24 players took part in this exclusive event and coming out on top was Paul Whitfield with an impressive 37 points. A huge congratulations to Paul Whitfield posting a WINNING SCORE of 37 stableford points.

Paul Van Heeswyk coming in 2nd with 36 points (and taking part in our 1st “FORE” Business Ryder Cup format with Craig Hustwit against our friends Rick Fike and Gannon Thiel from USA) and Allan Clarke coming in 3rd place with 35 points.

A special thanks to our table sponsor Award Signs and Business Gifts Ltd for creating a wonderful 10th Anniversary Invitational presentation box for everyone on the day.

Again a special mention and thank you to both Gannon Thiel and Rike Fike for making the long trip from Arizona which made this a truly international affair.

The Carnoustie event marked the end of our Scottish Tour which saw us host events at Dalmahoy (Edinburgh Group) and Monifieth (Dundee Group) in the same week.

We will look at another “Bucket List” event for next year as we know the demand is there.

July 2023
Red Jacket Final

Hosted at the Forest of Arden, the event saw 60 Red Shirt winners compete for the coveted Red Jacket 2023.

1st Place: Neil Fright with a score of 41 points

2nd Place: Phil Boyle with a score of 39 points

3rd Place: Rob Barras with a score of 38 points

Simon Mankin our 2022 winner presented the new winner, Neil with his Jacket at the closing ceremony.

And how could we forget the Coolest Dude in town, Gareth Hilton walking away with Nearest the Pin and Nearest the Pin in 2. Plus David Harries our UK and International Growth Director presenting his additional Nearest to the Pin prize of a dozen balls to Anthony Dickinson.

National Open

Hosted at The Warkwickshire Golf & Country Club for the first time. The event saw 70 members from all around the UK (from Aberdeen down to Exeter) and 2 members from Spain – to give us a true European feel!

We even welcomed back Dean Davies Golf Trick Show Artist who kindly entertained members far and wide!!

This year, we created some new categories to give everyone across the wide handicap range an opportunity to WIN something.

We held the following additional competitions:

• The Champion Golfer 2023, the best gross score on the day
• The Best Stableford score under 10 handicap
• The Best Stableford score 10 to 19.99 handicap
• The Best Stableford score 20+ handicap

The Open 2023 Results
1st Place: Jorge Alejandro Herrera with 42 points
2nd Place: Sam Hotten with 42 points
3rd Place: Charlie Radclyffe with 40 points

A massive congratulations to Jorge who travelled all the way from Spain to compete and win the Claret Jug and put the Spanish community on the map.

Category Winners:
• Champion Golfer 2023 (Best Gross Score): John Rawlings with 78 gross
• The Best Stableford score under 10 handicap: John Rawlings with 39 points
• The Best Stableford score 10 to 19.99 handicap: Jorge Alejandro Herrera with 42 points
• The Best Stableford score 20+ handicap: Charlie Radclyffe with 40 points

Congratulations also to Nearest the Pin on hole 8 was won by Craig Hustwit.

Nearest the Pin in 2 shots on hole 17 was won by Colin Smith.

Nearest the Pin in 3 on the 18th hole, sponsored by David Harries our UK and International Growth Director, was won by Jorge.

And a special 10 YEAR member gift was awarded to Jim Walker for reaching 10 years membership! Jim attended the first Open in 2014 and it was great to see him still in attendance!

Thanks for all your support over the years Jim!

North V South

Hosted at Macdonald Hill Valley Golf & Spa, this year’s competition was held over 2 days (for the first time). We saw 40 members from the North take on 40 members from the South in a fierce Match Play competition.

Day 1 – 20 x 4 Ball Better Ball Matches

Day 2 – 40 x Single Matches

Going into the competition with a 5-2 lead (over the past 7 years) Team North only needed 30 points overall to retain the trophy. After Day 1, Team North once again showed it’s dominance in the event by taking a big 14.5 to 5.5 lead into Day 2. And then for the fightback from Team South which made the overall competition much tighter and more exciting than we all expected after the Day 1 drubbing. Team South won Day 2 with 22.5 points to 17.5 points.

Overall, the fightback did not quite yield the victory Team South very much needed and the final score was Team North 32 points, Team South 28 points. This takes Team North to 6-2 in the overall standings.

A special mention to Jeff Mills from Macdonald Resorts for kindly sponsoring a number of prizes during the 2 days – The WINNERS ALL FROM THE SOUTH Simon Mankin and Paul Robson.

UK vs Spain European Unity on the Green!

In a remarkable display of camaraderie and friendly competition, some of our business leaders from Britain, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark converged on the pristine fairways of Calonova GC and Torrequebrada GC to fight it out to become the “FORE” Business European Champions, would the UK retain or Spain join the hall of fame…?

What started as a friendly game of golf between our UK and Spanish members quickly evolved into something much more profound.

The Scores
After day 1 at Calanova GC both teams were tied at 5 1/2 points each. That meant on day 2 with 22 players for both teams, the 1st team to get 11 1/2 points would be crowned Champions.

After an incredible final day at Torrequebrada GC the Spanish team came away as resounding Champions with 12 1/2 points to 9 1/2 points. Along with our team competition we celebrated our individual European Tour Champion and reigning “FORE” Business Open Champion Jorge scoring a combined Stableford score of 83 points.

It would be very unfair of us not to mention some of the other incredible scores from the 2 days with David Harries scoring 82 points, Jan Wiklund scoring 81 points and the Spanish Captain Arron Busst scoring 80 points.

On the final day Chris Toft was awarded with a wonderful 60 degree lob wedge that was donated by our UK and International Growth Director David Harries who kindly sponsored nearest the pin in 2.

Our nearest to the pin in 2 was on the 18th and Chris flushed a 9 iron 145 yards up hill leaving him with a birdie putt 8ft downhill, unfortunately a birdie wasn’t to be achieved on this occasion!

Carlyn Wiltshire from our Huddersfield Group and John Rawlings our Co Regional Ambassador for the Midlands kindly donated some golf balls which Neal Kotak was happy to receive for winning nearest the pin on the 11th hole.

So many stories and magical moments during the two days, unfortunately just too many to mention, but it’s fair to say we can’t wait for next year!

New Groups & Changes on the Horizon
We are delighted to announce the following new groups will be launching soon:
Wokingham Group
Hosted at East Berkshire (November 23)*
Wrexham Group
Hosted at Vale of Llangollen (March 2024)
*After almost 10 years at Royal Ascot GC our Ascot members will be transferring to the new Wokingham group from November. East Berkshire is going to be a fantastic new course to play within the community. Our special thanks must also go to Royal Ascot GC who have supported us for almost 10 years.
Overseas News
Spain Hits 4 Groups

We now have 4 groups in Spain with around 75 members for you to meet; Marbella, Mijas, Cabopino and Estepona. So do you fancy a business trip to the Costa del Sol? You will meet members from all over Europe running very successful businesses.

To attend any one of these events you simply need to click on the Passport button shown on the group pages. The Passport option is available for all members (including Standard). They do not count against your Flexi visits and can be treated as a genuine business/marketing expense to promote your business.

click here to take advantage of this offer!
Sweden Update

With the launch of our Swedish group in Malmo earlier this year, take a simple flight to Copenhagen, a 20 minute train ride across the bridge and before you know it, Malmo awaits you.

We are fortunate to have the impressive PGA Sweden National host our group with it’s 2 iconic courses to play.

USA Growth

Our Florida State now has 3 active groups across Orlando, Jensen Beach and St Cloud. When you next plan your Disney trip, why not reach out to our Florida community to arrange a round of golf..!

The Arizona State of America was introduced to the community back in January 2023 with our first meeting in Scottsdale hosting 9 guests, we now have over 60 members across our 4 groups, 2 in Scottsdale, Gold Canyon and Surprise.

Our 5 Colorado groups have continued to shine with 5 months of traditional golf outside and 5 months simulator and indoor activities, (sun city…..?) always a great place to visit for the networking, snow or incredible scenery.

UAE Continues To Build

Things have got even HOTTER in the UAE where we are delighted to announce the launch our 2nd group in Ras al Khaimah hosted at Al Harmah this is in addition to our Dubai group hosted at The Els Club.

We are also hoping to re-launch a new group in Abu Dhabi at the stunning Yas Links at the start of November 2023 to give us a total of 3 groups in the region.

So there should be absolutely no excuse when traveling to Spain, UAE, USA of Sweden to pack your clubs and of course your business cards…!