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“FORE” Business Delivers 46 x Virtual Meetings In April 2020

“FORE” Business Delivers 46 x Virtual Meetings In April 2020

The team at “FORE” Business couldn’t be happier with the feedback we have received from members around the world who are taking part in our Virtual Meeting Program.

Arron Busst and Sean Fergusson have been hosting at least 2 twinning meetings every day along with individual group meetings, regional meetings and hosting meetings for our members in the UK, Spain, Ireland, UAE and the USA.

Yes these are without question challenging times for our members from around the world, but one thing is for certain, as an International Community, we have come together and delivered HUGE opportunities, trust and friendship.

Here are just a handful of some of the generous testimonials we have had from our members:

Another great day of introductions and learning from within the fantastic business network I am proud to be a part of. Whilst we are currently in lockdown and can’t network in our usual environment of the golf course, we aren’t going to let that stop us from connecting with members and groups from across globe via virtual meetings. I joined the “FORE”​ Business golf network nearly five years ago after an invitation from Sean Fergusson and since then it has paid for itself many times over. Steven Ward

There’s no hard sell. It’s business owners supporting each other in difficult times as best they can. Ideas, contacts and suggestions were shared throughout the hour-long call. By having the meetings online we are getting to know individuals from throughout the 1600+ network. There are no geographic or travel limitations. Tom Hope

We’re missing golf at the moment, but if anything, that makes us hungrier for networking! Some incredible connections, referrals and business being done, without being on the golf course… who’d have thought it possible? Guy Griffiths

Just off a Zoom call with 16 “FORE”​ Business members who are all connecting and trying to help each other out! From business advice and support to making new connections and giving advice on how to cope during this super long staycation! (we’ve banned the word lockdown). Sean McAuley

The black book is right alongside me and full of notes from my Zoom 1:1’s this week. Virtual networking through Fore has delivered a massive opportunity to keep on moving forward when otherwise I would have been standing still. Thanks Guys. Phil Boyle

As a member of ‘FORE” Business you are welcome to register for any one of our virtual group meetings that can be found here.