The “FORE” Business £50 “I OWE YOU” Referral campaign

IOU Referral Voucher Scheme
  1. IOU Referral Vouchers will be awarded to members, only at the discretion of “FORE” Business and only after the referred member has completed 3 months as a paying “FORE” Business Member.
  2. An IOU can not be claimed against a lapsed member.
  3. IOU’s can only be claimed if you have booked your VIP onto the members booked guest on-line form.
  4. The IOU Referral Voucher will hold no monetary value and cannot be exchanged, refunded or gifted. The member must pay for their goods and only on presentation of a completed IOU Referral Voucher and a valid receipt or invoice from the Pro Shop or another “FORE” Business member will the value (up to £50) be
  5. The IOU Referral Voucher must be used in one transaction only and no change will be given, should the value of the transaction fall under £50.
  6. The IOU Referral Voucher must be used within 30 days of the date issued and any referral claim must made within 9 months of the referred members joining date.
  7. It is the sole responsibility of the Referee to notify “FORE” Business when they referred a new member.
  8. It is the responsibility of the “FORE” Business member or guest on the day that is playing at a “FORE” Business monthly group event, a “FORE” Business major event or taking part in a “FORE” Business 4 ball, to ensure they have the necessary GOLF insurance cover in place.
  9. All guests have the opportunity to receive a free Welcome Pack and a discounted joiner fee when they choose to join on the day of their VIP guest visit.
  10. From time to time we will run a promotions offering members and guests the chance to claim a variety of gifts and incentives. These promotion can be added or removed at any time.