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šŸ’„Important AnnouncementšŸ’„

10 years in, 1600 members across 9 countries (a little poetic license) around the world and we couldnā€™t be happier with the way our community is building.

That said, we never like to rest on our laurelsā€¦.

So today, we are delighted to announce that David Harries has accepted the challenge to become the UK & International Growth Director for ā€œFOREā€ Business.

This is a new role created with the purpose of achieving sustained membership growth, and new business opportunities for our members, across our UK, Spanish, Irish, Swedish and UAE groups.

For those that donā€™t know, David started his ā€œFOREā€ Business journey as a member in December 2015 and soon progressed to Ambassador of our Chester group and then Regional Director of the North West. In his time at the helm of the North West, he has overseen the launch of 6 new groups, taking the Region to 12 groups, and a doubling of the membership.

In a previous life, David comes with many years of senior change management experience working within multi-national businesses, delivering people, process and organisational change ā€“ so he is very well equipped to help us develop improved processes and organisational structure within the business.

Over the next few months David will be rolling out a new Regional framework. This will see the UK organised into 8 discrete regions, each managed by 2 x Regional Ambassadors.

Each region will have 7-12 groups, with each group managed by 2 x Ambassadors.

David will be hosting meetings with all Ambassadors, on a region-by-region basis. Within these meetings David will outline the plans he has and inviting Ambassadors to apply for a Regional Ambassador Role, within their respective regions.

These plans are already well underway.

As at June 1st, a new Region (North Central) was launched, with Sam Ferrington and Ben Cooper appointed as Regional Ambassadors.

David is stepping away from his current role as Regional Director effective July 1st, and Paul Cliffe and Dan Sumner, will be confirmed as Regional Ambassadors for the (North-West) Region from that date.

Currently, David is holding discussions with Ambassadors of our soon-to-be launched Midlands Region.

We are really excited by this new role and looking forward to seeing the positive impact this will have.

We hope you will join us in wishing David all the best in this new mission and we hope you will provide him with the support over the months ahead that he will need to make some of these important changes happen.