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⛳️⛳️THE PAIRS 2022 ⛳️⛳️

Our 1st ever 2 day event was a HUGE success, thanks to every one “FORE” making it so special 💥

What could possibly go wrong when you bring 56 fine women and men to a golf resort during The Masters…..

On Sunday morning we all met for registration at 10.30am with the 1st tee being 12.20. This allowed our members the opportunity to meet and network, “FORE” some members it meant meeting for the 1st time in person after meeting 100 of times on ZOOM…! It really was incredible to hear the BUZZ of new connections and opportunities being made…!

We had members from Chepstow, Colchester, Brentwood, Surrey and even Spain join us in Chester this year 👏👏

The Premier Course was a test of golf with wind and testing greens there were some incredible scores being posted.

To ensure everyone had an opportunity of coming away with a prize we decided to have a cut on the 1st day and allow all playing from 14 place and below to win the SOLID SILVER SALVER.

The top scores at the end of 1st day were:

Aaron Unworth and Dan Sumner 78 points (joint stapleford points) -6

Jeff Mills and David Harries 72 -2

John Rawlings and Ben Cooper 74 -2

A special mention to our SILVER SALVER WINNERS Paul Cliffe and Steven Ward who powered up from 17 position day 1 | 16+ with 56 points and on the final day finished in 7th place with 123 points 21+ 💥💥🎖🎖

The 1st pair to make the SILVER PLATED SALVER cut, did I mention the SILVER PLATED SALVER…….! Were Stuart Laverty and Phil Palmer 💥💥💥💥💥58 +14

We also ran a nearest the pin which was won by Paul Dodgson and nearest the pin in 2 by Dutch sorry I meant Ben Copper…! 🤦

We all retired to watch some of the Liverpool and Man City game as a Chelsea fan I was quite happy with the 2-2 result and then we continued into the night to watch The Masters accompanied with some delicious food and a couple of drinks 🍺 🍷

Monday started with a cooker breakfast at 07.00am and the 1st tee at 08.00am, no rest for the wicked…!

On the 1st tee was Bob Harris and Dean Fox whose Darlington group hosted at the prestigious Rockliffe Hall course has trebled in size in the last 3 months 👍👍 playing with David Harries and Jeff Mills, a cracking 1st group to get us underway…!

The conditions were incredibly tough, not only did David Harries kindly arrange for all flag positions to be identical to a previous PGA event 😱 the wind couldn’t have been any more punishing to us💨

We managed to stay dry and the sun even came out for a quick appearance for an hour ☀️

It was wonderful to see all players stay for the prize giving and special thanks again to our host’s MacDonald Portal, there is a lot of pressure right now within the hospitality market to find loyal staff, your entire team nailed it throughout. A special mention to Olly who kindly supplied our thirsty players throughout Sunday night 👏👏

The scores have been verified by R&A 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

Nearest the pin in 2 Phil Palmer

Nearest the pin Graham Chambers a HUGE thanks for Gavin Welsh for his generous gin bottle as a prize…! Mark Stevenson assured us it would be delivered safely to Graham 😉

Combined scores over the 2 days 💥💥💥

Aaron Unworth and Dan Sumner 155 -11

David Harries and Jeff Mills 147 -3

⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫⏫ Congratulations guys, you were the only 2 pairs to remain under par over the 2 days..!

John Rawlings and Ben Cooper 135 +9

A wonderful 2 days of fun, friendships, laughter and new business opportunities being shared 👏 Yet again our national events create life changing opportunities “FORE” our members.

That’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen 🙏🏻