Become a “FORE” Business Ambassador

Would you like to become the master of new business facilitation in your area, play more golf with your prospects, clients and business associates and have access to over 90+ groups and 1,600+ members across the UK…..?

“FORE” Business is now actively looking for Ambassadors to run local groups in various regions across the UK.

As a “FORE” Business Ambassador your responsibilities will be:

  • Engaging with your Guests, members and visiting members on a monthly basis.
  • Actively growing and supporting the group.
  • Co-ordinating the monthly competition (including results entry and photo sharing).
  • As a “FORE” Business Ambassador you will also benefit from:

  • Greater visibility and exposure in the local business and national “FORE” Business community.
  • You will naturally earn more credibility and respect among your fellow members and throughout our national “FORE” Business community.
  • Your business relationships will become stronger and more profitable.
  • Here are some additional benefits you can achieve when you run a successful “FORE” Business group.

    To apply to become your local “FORE” Business Ambassador, simply complete the form below.

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