Getting Started

Now that you are a “FORE” Business member you can look forward to playing golf at least once a month, without feeling guilty!

We are keen to ensure you make the most of your membership, so here is a reminder of the main benefits for you to enjoy;

Your New Business Opportunities

It goes without saying that you will build some long lasting business relationships on the golf course, so here are our top tips to help you harness the full potential of your membership:

1. Your Perfect Conversation Starters: We would encourage you to attach your membership card (enclosed) and towel to your golf bag, so that when you’re playing golf with non “FORE” Business members, they will become a talking point and an opening for you to invite them along to a group as your guest! Also make sure you wear your “FORE” Business pin badge on your lapel, particularly when meeting new clients, we guarantee this will be a great conversation starter!

2. Why You Should Attend Every Meeting: Regular attendance will ensure you gain maximum visibility for your business and build credibility within the group. So with all of the event dates on our group website page there is no excuse for you not to attend! Don’t waste an opportunity to be seen and heard. It’s all about managing your own diary to ensure you can attend and make the most of your group.

3. Engage with fellow members on-line: Via our numerous social media platforms and share the experiences you have enjoyed and benefitted from, during your events. This will encourage activity and spread the word about your business. The more people who know about “FORE” Business, the more referrals you will undoubtedly receive.

4. If you haven’t received your exclusive APP code, simply send an email to so we can ensure you receive your login details safely.

5. Make the effort: Learn about your fellow member’s businesses. You will have 4 hours of time together to promote each other’s businesses on the course, so don’t waste it! Always look for opportunities and ways you can support your fellow members. You now have 1,+ members to engage with!

6. Invite your contacts: Invite and encourage any business contacts, or acquaintances you have, to come along and meet the group. This is a great way of growing your group and increasing new business opportunities for everyone. Plus you receive a £50 IOU Voucher!

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The complimentary free monthly 4-ball you are now entitled to, represents great value for money, so we would encourage you to:

1. Meet the 1600+ National Community by sharing your 4xBall with other members: This can be done through our LinkedIn Group and also our Forebiz 4 balls Facebook page.

2. Use your free 4xBall as a thank you: Invite your clients to play in your 4xBall with you and help improve customer retention. Start thinking about those all-important clients now and get something in the diary.

3. Use your free 4xBall to build relationships: Taking your prospects onto the golf course, could prove to be the best 4 hours you have ever spent!

4. Use your free 4xBall as a reward: Invite your employees and members of your team to join you for your 4xBall, to gain loyalty and improve staff moral! Some members even hold their Sales, Marketing, or Team Meetings on the Golf Course!

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How to Book your FREE 4xBall

Under the conditions of your membership you must play as part of your free 4xBall, it cannot be given away, or exchanged. Your 4xBall can be used Monday to Friday – Please see website for further details. To book your 4xBall please complete and submit the 4xBall booking form which can be found on your group page on our website: quoting your membership number which can be found on your enclosed membership card. We will liaise directly with the golf club to make this booking on your behalf and you will be notified of your tee time.

PLEASE NOTE: Individual Golf Club restrictions apply, please see your group page on our website for details.


Now Come And Get Social…

Uploading your profile to your EXCLUSIVE “FORE” Business App couldn’t be easier, it just takes 5 minutes.

You can search for fellow members by their Group, County and Profession, so you can really start finding out what your network has to offer! Receive PUSH notifications of New Business Opportunities, 4xBalls and NEW Members. The “FORE” Business App is the quickest way to meet your fellow community from across the UK…..!

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Make sure you join our LinkedIn Group – and introduce yourself to everyone, tell us what you do, what kind of referrals you’re looking for and maybe offer a few places in your first free 4xBall and start making some new contacts on the course!

We post competitions, news, photos and stories from our events every week on our Facebook page, so make sure you come and take a look and get involved in discussions. We would also encourage you to follow our twitter page and engage with new guests visiting your group pre and post event.

Come and join these VERY active Facebook groups now:
Facebook New Business Opportunities –
Facebook Latest Promotions –
Facebook Forum –

You now have a National Community to help you grow your business on the Golf Course… Use it wisely!!

Finally, we’re delighted to have you on board and we know you’re going to LOVE being part of the “FORE” Business Community, if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team who are always on hand and happy to help![/gc]