Kay BinnsI joined because it’s a great way to improve the golf (badly needed!) and meet other business people in the area. Whilst my company is known in London and other cities we don’t know many businesses in the Newbury and surrounding areas, our home turf. Business is all about relationships and where better to build them than whilst playing golf. What was refreshing for me was that there are no “precious” members which makes for a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.”

Kay Binns
Head of Marketing and Research

Ian-ChanceI joined mainly to increase my chances of winning new business as well as meeting new friends who enjoy the walk (just a shame golf spoils that walk). It makes perfect sense to me that people who really enjoy there golf and winning is not the most important thing its a great way to spend a day. I have managed to pick up a bit of business after a few months so hopefully that will increase with the coming months. What a great chance to keep your business within a group with people who have the same mindset. So anyone else involved with print please get in touch.”

Ian Chance
Business Development Manager

Steven-BirchI joined for two reasons:
1. I love playing golf and I never seemed to get the chance. I don’t have time to participate in a club so it would never be worth the expense. With Fore-Biz I get to play at least two rounds a month which is about as much as time allows and meet some great like minded people. It’s also really relaxing, no one is out to prove anything or judge how good you are; we just go out and enjoy it!
2. I wanted to meet other local business people to share ideas, experiences and potentially do business together. I am generally not a great fan of networking events but having golf as the common cause makes building relationships really easy and pleasurable.
As others have said before me – its a no-brainer!”

Steve Birch
Interim Marketing Director & Strategic Consultant

Steven-OakleyI joined as I wanted to play more golf and increase my chances of getting the opportunity to obtain more business. I have so far met so really good guys (and girls) and hope to develop these relationships as time goes on.”

Steven Oakley
Personable insurance advisor

Phil AbbottLike most others the chance to be able to play a bit more golf regularly than I used too ( twice a year) and Fore-Biz has helped me do this.
I joined Fore Business to meet liked minded business people who also liked to play golf and to build on our business network and in time hopefully generate a bit of business.
I also get to catch up with a great bunch of people once a month and try improve my golf.”

Phil Abbott
Business Development Manager

Kevin CarverMixing Golf and Business is a potent force enjoyment and passion collide.

Meeting other businesses is always a great thing to do network groups have proved this over a considerable length of time, This one however allows more time and and potentially greater rewards. Building trust to do business with anyone is a key factor and behavior on a golf course reveals a lot about a person.

So No Brainer enjoyable with benefits good company and I get to play Golf !”

Kevin Carver
Business Development Manager

Guy GriffithsOriginal reason – to play more golf, and improve my game.

Combining this with networking for me is a no-brainer…
1. I enjoy networking to hear about other peoples businesses, and I like helping people to connect with each other (it’s not who you know, it’s what you do for who you know). I’ve also introduced a few members to the Wokingham/Ascot Forebiz group, which is nice.

2. It’s also a good opportunity to talk about my business and get more ideas and discuss common problems. I find Forbiz members are good listeners!
3. Finally, it gets me away from the day-to-day running of the business for at least one day a month, which is important.
Still looking for some improvement in my game though…”

Guy Griffiths
Business Development Manager

David LongThe top three reasons for me joining Forebiz are quite simple:
1. Totally selfish, I want to play more golf. Joining a group like Forebiz means that I have a ready made group of golf buddies (does that make me sound like Norman Nomates?)
2. Meet likeminded people who want to play golf and mix it up with a bit of business. I’ve managed to find some good suppliers for my marketing business and possibly a customer or two so far for the golf glove business.
3. Affordable golf – before kids I was a member of Sand Martins at £1600 per year and playing 100+ rounds of golf. That dropped to about 10 rounds per year and didn’t make economic sense. Not being attached to a club meant the ‘get my monies worth’ excuse had gone, and last year I only played 2 rounds. Forebiz is a great way to get back into playing golf regularly at a ridiculously cheap cost. A win win situation.”

David Long
Interim Marketing Director and Marketing Consultant

Sue Kingham-PaxtonJoined Fore Business to meet liked minded business people who also liked to play golf with business being generated in time as relationships grow with each months game. I have the flexible membership which allows me to play one other course in the month This means that I can play fantastic courses around the country as well as meet new people.”

Sue Kingham-Paxton

Andy ShoreMost importantly meeting like minded people who want to play golf, increase there social and business network and play ( hopefully ) so fantastic golf around the country. As the sponsor of the Coventry Group I hope we can grow the group and help each other both in business and expanding our social networks.”

Andy Shore
Director at Brooksure Ltd

Andrew MalcolmI joined to meet people and play some golf, the business side may mean income for me eventually however just meeting people all over the country from different walks of life means more.
Golf the greatest leveller sports wise, anyone can play, it’s the reason.
There’s honour to the sport and that’s the way I try to base my business.”

Andrew Malcolm
Owner, ADM Services

Steve EdwardsNo brainer is what I thought and why I joined, £45 for a breakfast, 18 holes with great guys and the chance of another 4-ball with mates and/or clients – worth it even if you hate eating , drinking and golf !
All just for the opportunity to make new contacts, meet potential clients and avoid working for a day or two each month !
Oh nearly forgot the beers and great conversation too !”

Steve Edwards
Owner, Edwards Maintenance Services

Adam NeilI have joined FORE Business recently and am playing once a month with the Bramley Golf Club group. I had the pleasure of playing a round of golf with Sean Fergusson, one of the FORE Business Directors. As I am a total novice Sean took it upon himself to give me some free instruction. He was excellent; patient, kind and informative. I could not recommend FORE business more highly, both for networking and a stimulating mornings golf!”

Adam Neil
Managing Director of Riverside Cleaning
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