golf club networkThe Golf Network is one of FORE Business’ competitors in the UK golf business networking arena. Founded in 1995 it was set through the combined forces of a collective of independent golf clubs with the objective of allowing individual members of the respective clubs playing rights at fellow clubs within the network.

The essential philosophy of the Golf Network is to afford its members the ability to play and experience other golf courses other than their own. This is achieved by allowing any member of a club within the Golf Network of clubs to play on any other club in the network for free during the week and with reduced rate green fees on weekends.

Since its beginnings the network has grown in numbers and today is made up of over thirty different independent clubs across the England. Given the range of courses available to members of network clubs added to the fact that these members can take guests to any of the clubs it does present an opportunity for using the courses for purposes of entertaining, hospitality and corporate golf meetings.

The Golf Club Network differs from FORE Business in that, although it can be used as a way for businesses to entertain across a region, it is not a set-up specifically targeted towards the business networking fraternity.

The Golf Club Network works as a facility to be used by those who are already members of an independent golf club whereas with FORE Business has been set up with the express raison d’etre of harnessing the synergy between golf and business to create a vibrant networking community, offering the chance to become members and engage with fellow members and networkers at organised monthly events across their own local region.

For standard, full paying members of a club that has signed up to the Golf Club Network then there are of course benefits to being able to play a range of courses but the onus is very much on golf without distinction between personal and business. For golf events that are specifically targeted for business and corporate purposes then FORE Business is more tailored to the cause.

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