Here are the “FORE” Business handicap rules for all of our members and guests playing at a regular “FORE” Business meeting.

Any member or guest with an official CONGU handicap can play an event using this handicap.

Any Guest attending an event must play with a maximum handicap of 24 (Men) and 32 (Women).

If you win an event and are awarded a Red Shirt or a Star your “FORE” Business handicap will be cut by:

  • 4 shots if your handicap is between 30 & 36 inclusive
  • 3 shots if your handicap is between 20 & 29 inclusive
  • 2 shots if your handicap is between 10 & 19 inclusive
  • 1 shot if your handicap is between 0 & 9 inclusive
  • Three months following a win (and a cut to handicap) a member will be able to request a review of their handicap by the Ambassador team (or the Handicap committee at HQ in the absence of an Ambassador Team). At the discretion of the Ambassador team, an adjustment can be made to the handicap from the 4th month following a win. The Ambassador team will take into consideration during the review:

  • The winning score to which the cut applied
  • The number of players on the day of the winning score
  • The winning score relative to 36 points and taking into consideration the course and conditions at the time.
  • The average score following the 3 months after the cut
  • Following a review, no further review will be conducted within 6 months or until the next win if sooner. The decision of the Ambassador team is final.
  • Our aim is to create a level playing field for all and keep the administration burden of managing handicaps to a minimum.
    Long term we will ideally have an automated solution.

    In the meantime please ensure you update your handicap on your App profile after a win or official review.

    Please remember that we take our networking seriously and have fun with the golf.