business golf networkThe Business Golf Network (BGN) is a business networking organisation on of FORE Business’ competitors in the golf networking industry.

Founded by Richard Lock and Wayne Moussalli BGN has been developed on the principle that more business is done on the golf course than in the office. Using the strap line: Business 40% + Golf 30% + Networking 30% = Fun 100% the emphasis is very much on the notion that by introducing a leisure element (the golf) to business is a productive, profitable and enjoyable way to increase your company’s profile and growing the bottom line.

At its core is the use of golf as a major attraction and incentive for regular network event attendance. The idea being that everyone who is at the event will already have a love of golf as common ground on which to develop relationships and, the prospect of regular golf days will keep them coming back.

BGN believes in the philosophy that improvements in your golf can have a direct, positive effect on your career development. The idea being that by adopting the right application to improving your golf you are demonstrating the right attributes that will help you develop other areas of your life, such as your career.

Nevertheless they remain quite clear that they are not a golf society but that it is the business element of the network that is at its fulcrum. Their membership is targeted towards giving people in their local business community a regular way to mix and to meet in a relaxed, sporting environment to help foster long-term relations among differing businesses.

FORE Business offers its own advantages over BGN and other competitors when it comes to golf networking, offering different levels of membership structure to suit your own individual needs. In addition, for those who have never played golf but would like to participate, FORE Business helps to remove barriers by helping with access to professional tuition. Also, aware that, at its heart is the necessity to maintain the networking and relationship building beyond the golf course and club house, FORE utilise a social media style with group pages on LinkedIn and a member profile web page optimised for each member.

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