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Post 1: Can you handle more business and would like to join me for a FREE round of golf? Business owners need only apply

Post 2: Calling all business owners that LOVE their golf and can handle more business, I have some FREE guest passes to play on 90 golf courses across the UK, simply DM me now…!

Post 3: Would you like to spend 4 hours with your perfect prospect? DM me now as I have a FREE guest pass waiting for you…!

Post 4: If you know a business owner that can handle more business and LOVE’s their golf please tag them now…..! I have a handful of FREE guest passes to attend a “FORE” Business event on me

Post 5: I would like to invite you to join me for a FREE round of golf and meet my network of over 1300 business owners that LOVE to share referrals.

Our standard T&Cs apply with this offer.

Here is the perfect email to send to your contacts……!

Dear (name),

I hope you are well?

Have you heard about “FORE” Business, it’s a national golf networking organisation that has groups up and down the country?

I have been a member for some time and what I love the most, is having the chance to meet business owners from all over the United Kingdom and here’s the bonus we do this through golf.

Are you in a position to handle more business and would you like an excuse to play more golf?

Kindest regards,

(Your Name)

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